To prepare this Aspic of Chicken Recipe, first rinse a three pint border mould in cold water and pour in semi-congealed aspic to cover the bottom, set in ice water to become firm, and as soon as they can be laid on without sinking garnish with the prepared vegetables, bits of parsley and egg. Pour on more of the jelly and harden again. Sprinkle the bits of meat well with salt, pepper and celery salt and mix with them some of the cool aspic. As soon as the vegetables are firmly bedded in their layer fill the mould nearly to the top with the chicken, pour over more liquid aspic to make sure that every crevice is filled, and set to cool again. Lastly, fill brim full with aspic and set on ice for ten or twelve hours. At serving time turn on a flat dish, fill the center with celery finely shaved and dressed with the Mayonnaise. Garnish with delicate celery leaves, laying a star of red beet on each.


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